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Addressing the Shrinkage Issues in Cotton Fabrics

Cotton fabric will be the first option that may come to your mind when it is about comfortable clothing. In fact, no other textile options will have the ability to make the wearer so comfortable during humid conditions. This breathable fabric will not stick on to your body like other fabrics do, in turn making […]

Stylish Shirt Fabric Ideas for Men

The topics about dressing, fabrics, fashion, etc., will usually be associated with women only. However, all these are equally important for men as well, especially when it comes to clothing fabric. The difference is that choosing a fabric for men’s clothing will not be as easier to choose as that of women. In fact, there […]

Future Textile Technologies Set to Revolutionize Fashion

The fashion industry is a slow-moving entity where every small change is questioned through the eyes of society and traditions. Therefore, changes are slow. However, with the upcoming wave of technological innovations, the fashion industry is set to see some astonishing changes on an everyday level. Below are a few technologies in the textile printing […]

Hemp: Properties and Applications in Textile Industry

Hemp is a fiber known for a hundred uses. It has great use in textiles, which are being recognized and acted upon today. It is very effective in making daily wear clothing as and it can blend very well with cotton, linen, silk, or man-made fibers like lycra and lyocell. Textile manufacturers USA are even […]

Repeat Patterns in Textiles

Textile designers use a variety of designs on fabrics in order to enhance their visual appeal. These designs are sometimes the reason why they are in demand. There are several types of designs in use. One of the most common designs you can find on cotton fabric wholesale textiles is the repeat patterns design. What […]

How to Dress Up for Winter

Winter is indeed one of the trickiest times of the year to get through. You have to take different things into consideration before you step out into the wintry outdoors. Choosing the best fabric made in USA will certainly help you cope with the biting cold of the season. Below is a brief guide to […]

The Different Textile Finishing Processes

Textiles that appear in the markets are not presented in their raw forms, fresh from the manufacturing unit. They undergo a series of processes that enable them to be presentable. This includes a series of mechanical and chemical processes that are performed on a commercial scale to improve the overall quality of the wholesale fabric. […]

Different Types of Dyes Used in Fabrics

Dyes are substances that add color to textiles. They are introduced to fabrics by means of chemical reaction, dispersion or absorption. There are a few factors that distinguish dyes from one another, such as reaction to cleaning agents, and resistance to a number of things including perspiration, sunlight, washing, alkalies, gas, and other agents. Dyes […]

3 Myths about Direct-to-Garment Printing Debunked

DTG (Direct-to-Garment) printing can be defined as “the process of printing graphics directly onto textiles and garments” – hence, the name. With the help of this advanced printing technology, textile manufacturers can easily produce a number of intricate patterns and designs on different fabrics. Plus, such designs will stay as such for many years, unlike […]

Why Hemp Textile is a Better Alternative to Cotton Fabrics?

The word “hemp” might conjure up mixed feelings in people because of the long history of social stigma related to the cannabis plant. However, the majority of such people will be oblivious to the numerous proven benefits of hemp. One of the main uses of hemp is in the textile industry. In fact, hemp fabric […]